Las Vegas is rich for a number of outstanding venues which will make your wedding ceremony unforgettable and long-lasting! Whether you prefer to have more classic and traditional setting, or unique and exclusive one, the city has a lot to offer for your very special life occasion!

As Vegas Weddings Planner I recommend you to think about the time of year for your wedding celebration. If you want to tie the knot in spring, summer, or early fall, magnificent indoor weddings will be the perfect choice. For any other reasons you have a great chance to select chic and exclusive outdoor weddings and enjoy the natural settings around you.

Depending on your preferences and taste, I offer you the following types of venues for your celebration:

Indoor weddings will be an ideal solution for intimate and charming ceremonies during spring, summer or fall time. Outdoor venues are perfect for those who like a harmonic blend of stunning natural landscapes and a finely architectural décor of the indoor locations. For those who are fond of extreme and unconventional ways of celebration, I offer you Themed weddings to choose the theme which suits best your taste. And if you do like chic and luxurious atmosphere, I offer you a list of best Las Vegas wedding venues to choose from.

Below you will find the list of names for wedding venues depending on their types, whether it indoor, outdoor, themed, or best.

Indoor venues include the following locations:

Hartland Mansion, The Wedding Salon at the Wynn, Island Chapel at Tropicana, The Wedding Chapel at Aria, The Wedding Chapel at Vegas Weddings, Tuscana at Caesar’s Palace, Romano at Caesar’s Palace, Classico at Caesar’s Palace, Wedding Chapel at Planet Hollywood, South Chapel at Bellagio, Capella di Amore, Victorian at Chapel of the Flowers, La Capella at Chapel of the Flowers, Garden Chapel at Flamingo, Capelle du Paradis at Paris, Aria, the Wedding Suite, at Cosmopolitan and many others. If you are interested in any of the venues please visit Indoor venues website page and learn more about them.

Among the outdoor venues which I offer are the following:

Andalusian Gardens, Westin Lake Las Vegas, Terrace at Tropicana, The Terrace Gazebo, Gazebo at Flamingo, The Crescendo Pool at Flamingo, Heritage Garden at Lakeside Weddings, Venus Garden at Caesars Palace, Juno Garden at Caesars Palace, Gazebo at the Grove, The Garden Terrace at the Grove, Rhodes Ranch, The Beach at Hilton Lake Las Vegas, The Florentine Gardens, and many more! If you would like to surround yourself with magnificent scenery of the nature of city landscaping, find out about more places on Indoor venues page.

Themed venues include the following:

Casino, Drive Thru Lane, Eiffel Tower, Gothic Wedding, Egyptian Wedding, Dracula Tomb Wedding, Medieval Wedding, Bond Wedding, Back to 50s, Wedding Gondola, Mob Wedding, Hotter than Hell and a lot more! So, if you prefer and exclusive and extraordinary setting for your ceremony, learn more about other locations on Themed venues page.

Best venues in Las Vegas which I offer you are:

Westin Lake Las Vegas, Green Valley Ranch, Chapel of the Flowers, Hard Rock Café, Wynn, Canyon Gate Country Club.

So, if you have chosen Las Vegas as a destination of your dreams think about the venue for your wedding ceremony and make it unforgettable with Vegas Weddings Planner!


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Romano at Caesar’s Palace

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Tuscana at Caesar’s Palace

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